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Steelwind Industries, Inc. is a metal fabrication company that was founded in 1994 by Randy Bruch and his wife, Cheryl. It started as a spinoff of The Bruch Corporation or formally, Mikrand Metal Specialists, owned by Randy and his father. Mikrand/The Bruch Corporation was opened in 1983 in downtown Milwaukee where Randy and his father started a small company that primarily consisted of blasting and painting. With the 10 years of experience in the blasting and painting industry behind him, Randy rented

a large building in Cudahy and began buying modern equipment. He knew that the metal fabricating industry was pulling away from the old “hand”

work and leaning dramatically towards automation, and he was going to be ready. In 1996, Randy and his wife purchased an 80,000 Sq. Ft. building on

11 acres in the Oak Creek Industrial Park.

They can still remember the day they bought it, looking down the long and wide shop, thinking they would never be able to fill it up. In 2000, they added a 32,000 Sq. Ft. addition and have since added six additional Car Bottom furnaces, (2) Quench Tanks (water/polymer), an MG Burning Table, a

Hyd-Mech Saw, a 100 Ton Crane amongst other welding equipment and positioners.  In 2014 Steelwind added additional machining equipment including (3) 5” boring bars and (2) Milling/Drilling Centers. These new additions help strengthen Steelwinds commitment to our customers to be

a one stop shop for all their product needs.

We are proud to be partners in completing projects such as the Miller Park retractable roof, Dolphin Stadium, Wind Mill Towers, MGM City Center Las Vegas, The Ivanpah Solar Power Facility (California Mojave Desert), General Mitchell Airport Renovation Project, proud partners of Caterpillar, Joy Global, Rolls Royce, and many more.  Today, Steelwind celebrates it’s 25th year in business and is still family owned and operated by the first and second generation.  We continue striving to provide the highest level of quality,

elite customer service, and fastest turnaround in the industry.

Steelwind Industries celebrates its 25 anniversary

Specializing in:

Heavy Fabrication:

Steelwind specializes in heavy equipment fabrication and steel structure fabrication.

Heat Treating:

Heat Treating primarily involves the heating

and cooling of metals. The intention is to change both the physical and mechanical properties

but keeping the same physical shape.


Steelwind Industries offers over 30 years of experience in abrasive blasting services.


Steelwind offers a wide range of high quality industrial painting services and coating services.

Shot Peening:

Steelwind offers a cold working process that is similar to sand blasting.